Hometown Murder 2: BRO ON BRO CRIME BRO

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OK, so I'm going to tell you about the biggie murder around South Central PA: Zachary Witman and the murder of his brother, Gregory.

On October 2, 1998, 15-year-old Zachary stayed home sick from school at their house in New Freedom, PA, a tiny town in Pennsylvania near the Mason-Dixon line.

Zach's 13-year-old brother Gregory got home from school and before he could even remove his backpack, he was stabbed like, over 100 times. That's some major stabbing so someone had a LOT of rage toward this poor kid.

Obviously, Zach was the prime suspect. I mean, he was home sick, duh. But he swears to God even now that he did NOT do it, he was upstairs and heard a kerfuffle and thought it was like, his bro and some friends roughhousing. 

So after hearing that, he came downstairs and found his brother in a pool of blood with his head almost severed from the body and blood EVERYWHERE. Poor little 13-year-old kid. Zach was FREAKING OUT and called 911 and tried to resuscitate him but alas, Gregory was dead. 

HOWEVER, there was no blood trail inside or outside of the home that was linked to Zachary, and no blood found on towels or in the drains. Police found bloody gloves and a knife buried outside of the house in a mound of dirt, approximately 10 hours after they arrived at the crime scene. But get this: EVERY ITEM of evidence collected EXCLUDED Zachary as a source of DNA. They had a great relationship by all accounts, so no motive could really be established.

Like I said, Zach SWEARS up and down he didn't kill Gregory, but he he was convicted anyway and went to prison for life without parole. He's been in there for 15 years and has maintained his innocence the whole time. AND HIS PARENTS BELIEVE HIM. 

There are billboards on the highways asking for people to submit tips if they know ANYTHING and people have been trying to get the Innocence Project to look at the case because of how freaking weird it is. I mean, the PARENTS believe their son didn't do it.

The kicker? Zach Witman's lawyer during the trial was Cristina Gutierrez, the lawyer who originally represented Adnan Syed in the case of the murder of Hae Mae Lee, the subject of the 1st season of Serial. She was found to have provided ineffective counsel for Adnan and the case has been recently reopened.

Could the same thing have happened with Zach Witman?


There's SO MUCH MORE detail I could go into but I already need to edit the shit out of this so that you'll maybe read it.

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