“…all discussed in the playful, irreverent tone of the best grown-ass-ladies slumber party you’ve ever attended.” 

-Entertainment Weekly

“...empathetic and profane, a cheerful, chatty vehicle for cautionary tales of death and dismemberment”

-Washington Post

"Clearly, their irreverent tone, lurid subject matter, and honesty struck a chord."



“It empowers listeners by offering practical advice for survival and self-care and by using comedy to deflate the scariness of these topics.”

-The Atlantic

“It doesn’t have the distanced view that many true-crime shows do. It revels in its curiosity, outrage, disgust, humor, and imperfection.” 

-The Daily Dot

“...helping female listeners gain a sense of protection, control, or at least reassurance, as they attempt to reframe the narrative of female trauma.”


“There’s no denying 'comedy podcast' and 'murder' is an odd coupling, but their popularity suggests the show taps into a niche: people who want to indulge in the gruesome realities of the world.”

-Huffington Post

"...it is for those of us who can embrace who we are — whether that includes the fear-plagued neurotic, the kooky comedian or the amateur sleuth”

-Huffington Post

“...have created a new dialogue for true crime that is hilarious, brutally honest, and totally addicting.” 


"...if you want to listen to two women excitedly tell riveting stories about true crime and get outraged about the injustices of the world while also saying the most ridiculous sh*t, you've come to the right place.”


“the podcast has created a home for people who are interested in true crime but felt like they haven’t been able to properly share that interest before.”